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Strategies for killing stones in large surrounded area Bemaiho (17k) Wabinab (17k) 2016-11-10


Game Player Opponent Status Reviewer Updated
OGS: Wabinab (23k) - AndrewTrost(19k) Wabinab (23k) AndrewTrost (19k) reviewed Buddy514 (3k) 2023-03-16
Continue from wall, Or make new group? Wabinab (23k) user_33 (16k) reviewed EdLee (1k) 2022-01-17
I can't see the future, but my opponent saw his Wabinab (16k) MrSimple (14k) reviewed ssokolow (6k) 2017-04-22
OGS: regina25 (15k) - Wabinab(16k) Wabinab (16k) regina25 (15k) reviewed ssokolow (6k) 2017-04-13
OGS: Mia12 (15k) - Wabinab(15k) Wabinab (15k) Mia12 (15k) reviewed Gennodel 2017-04-04
My most important game ever played (as of now) Wabinab (17k) YiZheng (1k) reviewed Oel (2k) 2016-11-12
Playing badly (similar player as previous game) Wabinab (19k) svk (17k) reviewed Oel (2k) 2016-11-12
Extreme lose on same ranking opponent Wabinab (18k) svk (17k) reviewed ACYK2 (10k) 2016-10-07
Really Important Game Wabinab (19k) taw (18k) open 2016-09-20
OGS: Wabinab (18k) - MrSimple(15k) Wabinab (18k) MrSimple (15k) open 2016-09-20
OGS: mozkaynak (14k) - Wabinab(18k) Wabinab (18k) mozkaynak (14k) open 2016-09-18
OGS: Wabinab (18k) - user_33(15k) Wabinab (18k) user_33 (15k) open 2016-09-17
OGS: Wabinab (18k) - GuluCAT(4k) Wabinab (18k) GuluCAT (4k) open 2016-09-17
OGS: GuluCAT (4k) - Wabinab(18k) Wabinab (18k) GuluCAT (4k) open 2016-09-17
Am I too defensive? Wabinab (23k) zzazab (21k) reviewed EdLee (1k) 2016-09-11
Opponent did not think throughly? Wabinab (22k) jonryuga (22k) reviewed Oel (2k) 2016-08-12
Where did I played wrongly to lose 3 points? Wabinab (21k) diapir (20k) reviewed Rataridicta (8k) 2016-08-08
Extremely aggressive opponent? Wabinab (23k) 19x19 (10k) open 2016-07-22
OGS: diapir (21k) - Wabinab(23k) Wabinab (23k) diapir (21k) reviewed Reimatch (2k) 2016-07-20
OGS: Wabinab (23k) - Sofiam(7k) Wabinab (23k) Sofiam (7k) reviewed Felipe (10k) 2016-07-17