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Game Player Opponent Reviewer Updated
How To play against aggressive opponent prone to overplays? ThomasMeli (9k) Diego86 (8k) TritonBaduk (3d) 2021-06-30
Center fighting that goes out of control Doteki (1d) oxox (2d) TritonBaduk (3d) 2016-07-08
game 21 clumpy (4k) shusan (4k) TritonBaduk (3d) 2016-03-04
EGC Main Tournament, Round 8: Michael vs. Leo Leo (2k) Michael (2k) TritonBaduk (3d) 2015-10-02
Fuusann vs. J0nSn0w J0nSn0w (8k) fuusann (7k) TritonBaduk (3d) 2015-07-15