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Game reviews

Game Player Opponent Reviewer Updated
A very Close Game 围棋哆啦A梦 (9k) fabou (8k) Sennahoj (1d) 2022-01-17
Unusual joseki situation - three times in one day waynec (8k) Sennahoj (1d) 2021-06-30
KGS: K35 [4k] - Ethelor [6k] Ethelor (6k) K35 (4k) Sennahoj (1d) 2021-06-30
A win where I didn't kill everything Bki (5k) Molegrips (4k) Sennahoj (1d) 2020-02-06
Invasion Terror! PeetBrits (6k) ??? Sennahoj (1d) 2015-09-13
KGS: toad [9k] - pegleg [11k] toad (9k) pegleg (11k) Sennahoj (1d) 2015-04-21
KGS: neilh23 [5k?] - suiyuan [6k] neilh23 suiyuan (6k) Sennahoj (1d) 2015-04-17
KGS: aevo [5k] - chopperda [6k] chopperda (6k) aevo (5k) Sennahoj (1d) 2015-04-14
My endgame kind of suck now that I think about it Bki (5k) juncheng11 (5k) Sennahoj (1d) 2015-04-13
2015-01-16 bsl21 vs. Westf2Br1 bsl21 (3k) Westf2Br1 (3k) Sennahoj (1d) 2015-04-13
2015-01-13_aukinsun-Oel Oel (3k) aukinsun (2k) Sennahoj (1d) 2015-03-27