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Game Player Opponent Reviewer Updated
OGS: PowerStart (7k) - MystWalker(14k) MystWalker (14k) PowerStart (7k) Oel (2k) 2018-03-25
Against Strong Opponent GrzesM Andreas Fecke (Soleatus) (4d) Oel (2k) 2017-08-11
OGS: rimas (11k) - GrzesM13(21k) GrzesM13 (21k) rimas (11k) Oel (2k) 2017-08-11
OGS: tmac13 (17k) - Blue_Man7(20k) Blue_Man7 (20k) tmac13 (17k) Oel (2k) 2017-07-06
OGS: czt (9k) - Nami Heartfilia(17k) Nami Heartfilia (17k) czt (9k) Oel (2k) 2017-06-25
A game between a 10k and another 10k 围棋哆啦A梦 (10k) dem (10k) Oel (2k) 2017-01-03
OGS: Yarumi (10k) - letsplaybaduk(9k) Yarumi (4k) letsplaybaduk (9k) Oel (2k) 2016-12-31
Funkyrhyno - Kaizan Kaizan (21k) Funkyrhyno Oel (2k) 2016-12-30
OGS: seminyoon1 (15k) - jonryuga(16k): a close battle jonryuga (16k) seminyoon1 (15k) Oel (2k) 2016-12-27
My most important game ever played (as of now) Wabinab (17k) YiZheng (1k) Oel (2k) 2016-11-12
Playing badly (similar player as previous game) Wabinab (19k) svk (17k) Oel (2k) 2016-11-12
OGS: rsk (14k) - xLaco554(20k) rsk (15k) xLaco554 (20k) Oel (2k) 2016-11-10
Review request for 9X9 game Pytheas (20k) veganpraline (12k) Oel (2k) 2016-10-24
loss streak ACYK2 (8k) Andreachoi (5k) Oel (2k) 2016-10-02
OGS: powgo (5k) - Lorok(6k) Lorok (6k) powgo (5k) Oel (2k) 2016-09-02
KGS: eji [6k] - rasavatta [8k] rasavatta (8k) eji (6k) Oel (2k) 2016-08-18
Opponent did not think throughly? Wabinab (22k) jonryuga (22k) Oel (2k) 2016-08-12
OGS: any77 (20k) - Wabinab(23k) Wabinab (23k) any77 (20k) Oel (2k) 2016-07-11
First Ever Game Wabinab (24k) ace789 (24k) Oel (2k) 2016-07-01
Fun game Subutai (14k) azerwhites (11k) Oel (2k) 2016-06-07



Game Player Opponent Status Reviewer Updated
KGS: nukesaku [2k] - Oel [2k] Oel (2k) nukesaku (2k) open 2018-04-08
KGS: Oel [2k] - otavi [4k] Oel (2k) otavi (4k) open 2018-03-19
KGS: Bam [1k] - Oel [2k] Oel (2k) Bam (1k) open 2018-03-19
KGS: umpo [2k] - Oel [2k] Oel (2k) umpo (2k) open 2016-10-23
KGS: albert03 [1k] - Oel [2k] Oel (2k) albert03 (1k) open 2016-09-20
KGS: Oel [2k] - ueda9565 [3k] Oel (2k) ueda9565 (3k) reviewed EdIV (1d) 2016-08-12
OGS: tg (1k) - Oel(6k) Oel (6k) tg (1k) open 2016-08-02
EGC Main Tournament, Round 1: Kaoru vs. Leo Leo (2k) Kaoru (2k) reviewed YoungPro (5d) 2016-05-28
EGC Main Tournament, Round 3: Tomek vs. Leo Leo (2k) Tomek (4k) open 2016-05-25
Oel [1k] - gojin [1k] Oel (1k) gojin (1k) reviewed YoungPro (5d) 2016-05-22
Oel vs. Ecthelion: Opponent gave up (too?) early Oel (2k) Ecthelion (3k) reviewed YoungPro (5d) 2016-05-15
easyloss [1d] vs. Oel [1k] Oel (1k) easyloss (1d) reviewed YoungPro (5d) 2016-05-15
KGS: Oel [2k] - floroto [2k] Oel (2k) floroto (2k) reviewed YoungPro (5d) 2016-05-15
KGS: Oel [2k] - wildcherry [2k] Oel (2k) wildcherry (2k) reviewed spiritburd (2d) 2016-02-05
nekokimo (2k) vs. Oel (2k) Oel (2k) nekokimo (2k) open 2015-11-28
KGS: qaz [2k] - Oel [3k] Oel (3k) qaz (2k) open 2015-11-21
EGC Main Tournament, Round 8: Michael vs. Leo Leo (2k) Michael (2k) reviewed TritonBaduk (3d) 2015-10-02
EYD - Oel (3k) vs. kil - 2015-06-18 Oel (3k) kil reviewed Hwang In-seong (8d) 2015-08-15
EYD - Oel (3k) vs. carlosss (3k) - 2015-07-06 Oel (3k) carlosss (3k) reviewed Hwang In-seong (8d) 2015-08-15
EGC Main Tournament, Round 6: Leo vs. Jouni Leo (2k) Jouni (1d) open 2015-08-03