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Kazunari Furuyama

(Excerpt from http://kazsensei.com/teaching/)

Hello! This is Kaz.
My rank is amateur 8 dan. I have taught hundreds, if not thousands of amateur players from a 30 kyu to 7 dan, from children to 78 year-olds  intensively for more than 15 years. I’m particularly good at teaching adult players over 35.

My focus is the following:

  1. I teach each player based on their own level.  When I teach a 5 kyu player, I will only teach things appropriate to that level in the fields of tesuji, life-and-death, a fight, etc.  I will not teach a 5 kyu player 5 dan level tesuji, joseki, etc.
  2. I teach the most basic and simplest sequences, patterns, and joseki, which you can use in various other situations.  They are simple, but you will be still be able to use them even if you get to top amateur levels.  (I realize that there are some misunderstandings in 1. and 2.  I’ve elaborated on that in the followinghttp://kazsensei.com/faq/#basic )
  3. When you solve my problems, you will be able to apply them in other situations.  I will not teach things which you cannot apply to other places.  (Of course, if players knows basic things, I will teach them advanced things.  To be honest, over the years I’ve learned that many adults at 2 dan and 3 dan lack a lot of basics.)
  4. give many problems that will help you learn things from various board positions so that they will naturally become part of your playing.
  5. You will solidify your basic foundation like building a strong base of a building.
  6. Then I’ll give you some advanced problems relating to what you have learned.  Because they are related, you will be able to learn them rather easily.  (This is a far more effective and efficient way to learn than learning unrelated things randomly.)
  7. As you add more learning on top of your strong foundation, your knowledge will be solid, like a building designed to survive an earthquake or typhoon.


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