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In-seong Hwang

(Excerpt fromĀ http://eyd.yunguseng.com/teacher.html)

8 dan player in Europe
International Baduk instructor of Korea
Official Go instructor of Switzerland/ France
Currently (August, 2015) 1st place in Europe ahead of 10 professionals in the European rating list

1996-2001 Korean Yunguseng (Insei)
2002 Entered Myoung-ji university, Department of Baduk Studies
2003-2005, 2009 Worked as TV commentator at Korean Baduk TV.
2005 - 2006 Go instructor in Berlin, Germany
2009 - 2014 Stayed in Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, UK and France.
2011 Became national Go instructor in Switzerland
2014 Became national Go instructor in France

In Europe, attended 49 tournaments, won 32 times, 2nd place 12 times.
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8 years 9 months

Game reviews

Game Player Opponent Reviewer Updated
EYD - Oel (2k) vs. almantas - 2015-02-19 Oel (2k) almantas Hwang In-seong (8d) 2022-06-17
EYD - Oel (3k) vs. kil - 2015-06-18 Oel (3k) kil Hwang In-seong (8d) 2015-08-15
EYD - Oel (3k) vs. carlosss (3k) - 2015-07-06 Oel (3k) carlosss (3k) Hwang In-seong (8d) 2015-08-15
EYD - Oel (3k) vs. Vorador - 2015-04-30 Oel (3k) Vorador Hwang In-seong (8d) 2015-05-15
EYD - Oel (3k) vs. jinvasion - 2014-10-26 Oel (3k) jinvasion (4k) Hwang In-seong (8d) 2015-04-13
EYD - Oel (2k) vs. flambard - 2015-01-29 Oel (2k) flambard (3k) Hwang In-seong (8d) 2015-04-08
EYD - Oel (3k) vs. profikyu - 2014-05-29 Oel (3k) profikyu Hwang In-seong (8d) 2015-03-09