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Game Player Opponent Reviewer Updated
OGS: Wabinab (23k) - Sofiam(7k) Wabinab (23k) Sofiam (7k) Felipe (10k) 2016-07-17
OGS: possum (18k) - Wabinab(24k) (Second game) Wabinab (24k) possum (18k) Felipe (10k) 2016-07-06


Game Player Opponent Status Reviewer Updated
OGS: Gustin (10k) - Styrbjörn(7k) Gustin (10k) Styrbjörn (7k) reviewed EdIV (1d) 2016-07-05
OGS: fenres (11k) - Gustin(13k) Gustin (13k) fenres (11k) reviewed Oel (2k) 2015-12-26
OGS: mkei (9k) - Gustin(11k) Gustin (11k) mkei (9k) reviewed Oel (2k) 2015-11-18
OGS: Bambú Huryl (10k) - Gustin(12k) Gustin (12k) Bambú Huryl (10k) reviewed Oel (2k) 2015-11-01
OGS: Gustin (13k) - PeetaPanda(16k) Gustin (13k) PeetaPanda (16k) reviewed Oel (2k) 2015-09-16
Its possible to Kill the white stones ? EzrArzE (13k) bot (15k) reviewed Wuigukin (5k) 2015-08-12
OGS: Drachnyn (14k) - Gustin(15k) Gustin (15k) Drachnyn (14k) reviewed Oel (2k) 2015-07-13
OGS: Darloose (14k) - Gustin(15k) Gustin (15k) Darloose (14k) reviewed Gennodel 2015-06-29
KGS: mfgo15kyu0 [-] - EzrArzE [13k?] EzrArzE mfgo15kyu0 open 2015-05-29