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Game reviews

Game Player Opponent Reviewer Updated
Dealing with unusual moves (beginner) kiwidamien (15k) ndkn (14k) EdIV (1d) 2016-08-18
KGS: Oel [2k] - ueda9565 [3k] Oel (2k) ueda9565 (3k) EdIV (1d) 2016-08-12
OGS: taw (19k) - Wabinab(23k) Wabinab (23k) taw (19k) EdIV (1d) 2016-07-17
OGS: Eric Han (25k) - Wabinab(23k) Wabinab (23k) Eric Han (25k) EdIV (1d) 2016-07-17
OGS: Wabinab (23k) - GuluCAT(5k) Wabinab (23k) GuluCAT (5k) EdIV (1d) 2016-07-08
KGS: drift [-] - Laon [4k] Laon (4k) drift (1d) EdIV (1d) 2016-07-08
Iam too greedy flauschy (7k) hhfine (7k) EdIV (1d) 2016-07-06
KGS: LinuxGooo [3k] - SolidaSlOl [4k] LinuxGooo (3k) SolidaSlOl (4k) EdIV (1d) 2016-07-05
OGS: Gustin (10k) - Styrbjörn(7k) Gustin (10k) Styrbjörn (7k) EdIV (1d) 2016-07-05


Game Player Opponent Status Reviewer Updated
Center fighting that goes out of control Doteki (1d) oxox (2d) reviewed TritonBaduk (3d) 2016-07-08