Open game reviews

Game Player Opponent Uploaded
Extremely aggressive opponent? Wabinab (23k) 19x19 (10k) 2016-07-14
laercio and reimatch reimatch (2k) laercio (3k) 2016-07-14
KGS: Reimatch [2k] - laercioskt [3k] Reimatch (2k) laercioskt (3k) 2016-07-14
Gonogo and 5th line vs. Hoshi lorl (2k) sol (1k) 2016-06-12
KGS: uh [3k] - Laon [4k] Laon (4k) uh (1d) 2016-05-23
KGS: sshiva12 [4k] - LinuxGooo [3k] LinuxGooo (3k) sshiva12 (4k) 2016-05-11
KGS: LinuxGooo [3k] - HEFEI1989 [3k] LinuxGooo (3k) HEFEI1989 (3k) 2016-05-11
KGS: hiro21121 [3k] - LinuxGooo [4k] LinuxGooo (4k) hiro21121 (3k) 2016-05-11
KGS: jinjitsu [3k] - LinuxGooo [5k] LinuxGooo (5k) jinjitsu (3k) 2016-05-11
KGS: LinuxGooo [4k] - tal23 [5k] LinuxGooo (4k) tal23 (5k) 2016-05-11
KGS: Simba [5k] - LinuxGooo [5k] LinuxGooo (5k) Simba (5k) 2016-05-11
OGS: prasetiyo132 (12k) - pcesar22(13k) pcesar22 (13k) prasetiyo132 (12k) 2016-04-06
2016-03-10 Go Bundesliga: bsl23 [3k] - wildkatze3 [5k] bsl23 (3k) wildkatze3 (5k) 2016-03-11
game 22 clumpy (3k) gizmo (3k) 2016-02-07
game 10 clumpy (4k) 2016-01-12
game 12 clumpy (4k) 2016-01-12
nekokimo (2k) vs. Oel (2k) Oel (2k) nekokimo (2k) 2015-11-28
KGS: qaz [2k] - Oel [3k] Oel (3k) qaz (2k) 2015-11-21
fungo-K123 fungo (2k) K123 (2k) 2015-08-18
EGC Main Tournament, Round 6: Leo vs. Jouni Leo (2k) Jouni (1d) 2015-08-03