Open game reviews

Game Player Opponent Uploaded
Atrovent: Want To Purchase Trista Reilly 2022-05-08
Cefixime: Generic Tablets Nailah Honey 2022-05-07
Minipress: Discount Drugs In Anchorage Heidi Dayla 2022-05-07
Please review thequietcenter (9k) Nickeldore (9k) 2022-04-17
Game review needed 2022-01-05
ThieuN. vs. lūcius lūcius (3k) ThieuN. (4k) 2021-10-09
Review request 6 kyu vs 8 kyu 2021-08-30
Would like a personal deep review with someone :) lespantouflesbelges (7k) Eakkassi (6k) 2021-06-25
New to Go on 19x19 Beta_no (10k) fybian (9k) 2021-02-11
KGS: yuuki278 [2k] - TA3000 [3k] TA3000 (3k) yuuki278 (2k) 2021-01-28
Komi 0.5 Close Game Ending problem hy Ngo (8k) Hieu (11k) 2021-01-17
5k player HyNgo (7k) 小水滴aa (5k) 2021-01-17
KGS: Fansipan [6k] - Maik1407 [7k] Maik1407 (7k) Fansipan (6k) 2020-12-02
doge-bot-ai game ragnomed (16k) doge-bot-4k (10k) 2020-09-30
Big mistake, decent game. alphabones (17k) N/A (17k) 2020-08-02
BenVsb VS PacDom H3 BenVsb (14k) PacDom (11k) 2020-04-02
2-stone handicap game manguito (11k) jyt43 (9k) 2020-03-26
SWIRRC v mlansman 15.3.2020 mlansman (7k) SWIRRC (6k) 2020-03-15
KGS: FanXiping [7k] - nepiaaipen [11k] FanXiping (7k) nepiaaipen (11k) 2019-11-04
Stronger than I anticipated slashpine (10k) Best Lux (7k) 2019-10-26