Ideas for improvement

Ideas for improvement / feature requests

  • online game reviews: Give users the possibility to review games online using the sgf edit instead of downloading the sgf file and upload a commented version
  • "access denied" page
  • "not found" page
  • undo review assignments if a user changes his mind or accidentally hits the "accept game review" button (thanks sousys) - we introduced a "decline game review" button 
  • assignment dialog to make sure that users do not assign game reviews by mistake (thanks sousys)
  • improve display of comments - done for the moment 
  • add content-disposition header for links to sgf files (thanks NoLemurs)
  • improve design of review ratings
  • enable OGS import (thanks crodgers) 
  • "review the review", leave multiple sgf files for one game (thanks TheBeastRevived, spritburd)
  • visualize game tree in sgf viewer (thanks Peet Brits)

Reported issues / bugs

  • prevent users from assigning their own game reviews to themselves (thanks saginaw) - resolved 
  • fix fullscreen button (thanks crodgers) - we found a quick 'n dirty fix for this but still are not completely happy with the functionality 
  • make sure game comments are visible on smartphones
  • correctly handle compressed lists of points (thanks NoLemurs)


When I click fullscreen on a review board it takes me to a list of my sgf files, which takes me to the straight text of the file. I expected it to make the review board larger.

Its currently possible to assigned a review to yourself by mistake and no way to undo that. I Wanted to look at a game before possibly reviewing but hit the "review this game by accident". Now that review is blocked by me and i cant do anything about it.

Or atleast an "are you sure you want to review this game!?!?!?!"-warning

I'm liking the site so far - I like the GTL, but the whole process lends itself much better to a website than a mailing list.

One quick suggestion: sgf links should be served with a Content-Disposition header ( so that when the user clicks the links the browser knows to open a download dialog instead of displaying the text of the sgf.

Another suggestion. The javascript SGF parser seems to be handling compressed lists of points ( incorrectly.

Take a look at move 78 of this game:

The marks are specified by:


but for each range the javascript client is only showing one point where it should be filling in the whole rectangle.

The counting doesn't take into account dead stones. A single dead stone in the middle of a group will disable the counter from counting the territory in that group.

Hi TheBeastRevived! Did you try to mark dead stones? The counting is very basic but you can click on dead groups and then it should be shown in the right way.

I didn't realize there was a clicking dead stones feature. That was my fault. Everything else seems pretty intuitive. Thanks.

The ability to discuss games instead of only reviewing them. currently people need to wait for a stronger player to help them review the game while it could also be nice to discuss a game with people of similar strength (and make this optional, as not everybody wants this)

also I, a 12k, can look at the game between two 17 kyus, and see a few moves i can comment on. i wouldn't want to claim that game just to review those few moves.

outside of this it might get messy if multiple people comment on a few moves on your game, so all I can say is that is is just an idea and i don't know if it'll be good or not

YeGO, Thanks a lot for the hint. I also saw it and definitely want to give it a try.

Would be nice to be able to upload reviews already made on other sites

Thanks, chopper, for your feedback. We uploaded some existing video reviews in the past. To do this we created a review request and accepted it ourselves. What would be your preferred workflow?

Easy import of KGS games was recently added, OGS provides easy access to user info through the API:

It would be cool to see the ability to easily import OGS games as well. :)

Thanks, crodgers. We have started to look into this.

Great work! I'm very happy to see a direct OGS import.

After a game is reviewed, it may be nice for a stronger (reviewer) to review the review.

How difficult is it to show the game tree? I just made my first game review, but I added comments in variations where I edited the board, and it does not show in the viewer.

Anyway, it's a cool site, and it does not need every possible feature to be usable.

I am going to second TheBeastRevived opinion and ask we be able to leave a few other sgf files within the comments page.

Thanks for reinforcing this idea. We're thinking about how to implement this.

Hello guys. I'm developer of If u need any help with embedding my board jus let me know. I can add some features for ur site. Contact with me by email if u interested.

Will it be possible to filter reviewed games according to players ranking, so one could look up for games of players with certain rank

Great site.

I would like to second the idea to show the game tree.

I really like this site.  I prefer to download and comment off line, though I also like the idea of ammending or fully commenting online.  So, allowing people to add comments to someone else's review would be great.  In a way, it would be nice to combine this site with Gokibitz.  I also like the look and feel of this site better than gokibitz, which colors are not appealing to me.  

Showing the game tree would be a good way to improve this website as well.

Finally, it would be good to test the offline review programs and make sure the features of those programs work and show up correctly in go-academy.  I use SmartGo and I know there are others.  It would be good to make sure the features show up, like marking a move (good or bad) or marking a board position (good or bad) in SmartGo.

I just noticed that someone imported a bunch of games at the same time.  It might be a good idea to limit people a little bit to the games they upload at one time.  Either that, or we need a better UI for seeing all the games for review, maybe filter by rank.

hi, I'm just discovering Go Academy website and I like it very much. Altough, I have a regret : not having the possibility to see a list of users, and having the possibility to send a message to another user...

Thanks for your your comments. We will definitely consider them!

As a first step we added links to see all open/ reviewed games. We will add filters soon.

I think that implementing a reward mechaism for asking review and rewieving could make people much more constnt in using this site. Something like  what they do on

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I see this when I try to import from OGS Archive

OGS import is fixed now. Sorry, oduvan. It took much too long.

Hi, I really find this site interesting, but in fact it doesn't work due to a lack of active people.

You should try to make it more popular... have a facebook page for example ?

Where is moderator?

(sorry formy english)