How to request a game review?

Guidelines which games to upload

Out of deference to the reviewer we suggest to submit

  • serious games where you had enough time to make strategical decisions and carefully read complicated situations,
  • close games with no side being clearly dominant.

Of course there might be good reasons to also submit games that do not follow these rules. We feel comfortable to leave the final decision up to you.


Workflow to request a game review

  1. If you have not registered yet first Create a new account.
  2. To create a new review request click on Request game review, fill in some descriptive data and upload your sgf file.
  3. A reviewer will accept your request and provide hints and corrections to your game. As soon as the reviewer uploaded a commented sgf file you will get a message.
  4. You find your game reviews under My games. Enjoy them and get aware of your mistakes and misjudgments.


Tips to get the most out of it

Before uploading your game for review, go through it yourself and think about the moves you made. Maybe you want to comment on some of them to explain why you came to a certain decision? Maybe you have specific questions concerning situtations where you were insecure where to play or suprised by your opponent's reaction.