How to rate a review

Feedback for reviewers

Our reviewers normally take quite some time to analyze the games and provide helpful comments and corrections. Nearly all of them are happy if you make the effort to value their work by giving some feedback to them as well. As soon as a game is reviewed you can leave comments below the game analysis.

In addition to this there is the possibility to rate reviews on a scale from 1 to 5 stars in the game description box at the top of the page. The following guidelines shall serve as an orientation for your evaluations.

Evaluation guidelines

  • : This review was very helpful for me. The reviewer covered all critical game situations, presented good alternative moves and explained the rationales behind them. I highly recommend this review to all Go Academy users.
  • : This is a good review and I recommend other users to check it. The reviewer comments on nearly all critical game situations and gives good hints and corrections. The variations shown are easy to follow and he explains them well.
  • : This reviewed contains some interesting ideas and alternative moves. Unfortunately the reviewer misses some critical points or does not clearly explain the rationales behind the moves he shows so I cannot completely follow his ideas.
  • : This review is of questionable quality. Some of the proposed moves look dubious to me and the reviewer does not really explain them. Some parts of the game are not commented at all.
  • : This review is of poor quality. The comments are misleading. I do not recommend other users to look into this.