Yunguseng Dojang


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연구생 Yunguseng or also written Yeongusaeng is the korean term for what most of us know by the japanese term Insei. Dojang (Dojo) means ‘special academy’ where people study Go seriously.

The system is called Yunguseng for two reasons:

  1. It's based on the real Korean Yunguseng system.
  2. We study Go as seriously as the Korean Yunguseng.


The Yunguseng Dojang has 5 key points:

1. 5 games a month on scheduled dates and all games will bepersonally reviewed by In-seong and Chi-min! 
2. Nine live, interactive lectures each season
3. All lectures and reviews are recorded live and available for viewinganytime!
4. Personal Go report after the season to check your style of play, strong point & weak point.
5. Play competitive games with various level opponent. It gives a feeling like joining an offline tournament!

Please check out the Yunguseng Dojang flyer to see how the Yunguseng system works! You can also have a look at three free Yunguseng Dojang lectures!