Go Academy needs your help

It's five months since we launched Go Academy and we are happy that many go players around the world use the platform to share their own and review other players games to help them improve their play. The basic functionality of the website seems to work quite okay but there is so much to improve and so little time.

Ideas for improvement

Just to mention few things we would like to

  • (technically) improve the game review functionality
  • communicate more intensely with our users
  • add more content to the website (information about users, go schools, possibly strategical and tactical Go concepts, etc.)
  • add other functionality besides full game reviews (mentoring system, go school evaluation, etc.)

and many other things. Some of them can be found in the Ideas for Improvement section.


Help needed

It seems we really need help to implement these things.
Therefore we are looking for people who are willing to join the Go Academy team.

If you would be interested in helping us and

  • know something about Go or
  • have some technical understanding or
  • are an English native speaker or
  • think that you can contribute in any other way

please send an email to info@go-academy.eu. We are very much looking forward to team up with you!