A win on OGS - How to deal with invasions?

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This time I upload a win from OGS. It was a correspondence game and I was glad to win this one which made me think a lot one week long. I would like to hear or read some general opinion regarding my game. Especially I would love to get some ideas how to limit invasions which is often quite troublesome for me. This is why I show this one despite it was a high win (with some luck) in the end. Thanks a lot in advance! Kaizan

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Your opponent made a lot of mistakes that made this into an easy game for you; given your large lead, I think it was probably smart to not play too aggressively and let your opponent live with the invasion in the bottom. The only general advice I can give about invasions is to remember that you don't always have to kill. Very frequently, it's enough to keep your opponent walled in and make yourself strong in the process. Of course, sometimes you should be able to kill, but there's no easy way to know how to do that– it's just reading. 

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Dear Plink, thank you for taking time to review my game. You are right to say that I won mostly because of severe mistakes of my opponent. But anyhow I will watch out and think about your advices to care for my weaknesses and to wall in invaders instead of killing them. Thank you!