A very bad game played at IGS

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Hello, please do not wonder about my rating. After some weeks absence, KGS lifted me from 23k to 13k which means I am totally overrated now. After a few games this will change naturally. I would appreciate very much if someone found time to look over my game and maybe give me a few hints. Thank you!

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Hello, Kaizan! It's KaitoDoraemon. I play on online-go.com most of the time. The username is 围棋哆啦A梦. I'm around 10 kyu. This is my first time since 2 years reviewing. So, there might be some technical things that I don't know or forgot about. Also, my suggestions may not be the best. So, if any higher ranked players would come and fix my mistakes, that would be better. If my review ever sounds harsh, please tell me.

You had some good plays and some bad plays. The things I want you to take note of in the game:

1. Slow moves aren't going to help you at all. What I mean by slow moves is that the moves that does nothing to the opponent, except for either strengthen the opponent or that the moves doesn't help you at all.

2. Learn some openings, or fuseki, as they call it. For example, the kinght's move corner closure could be a good weapon to use.

3. Start learning some really basic joseki. That way, if you don't know what to do, you can always fall back on that.

4. Don't go for the small gains. Go for the big ones.(Follow this rule most of the time, drop it when you see fit.)

5. However, in some cases, ignore rule 4. Sometimes the safety of a group comes first(that was shown in the endgame)

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Hello KaitoDoraemon, thank you for analyzing my game. I consider it really helpful, especially your hints regarding unnecessary moves. I compared this game with some more recently played and found that I improved my online play a bit (but still loose most of my games...). As soon as I found something with a bit more quality I will upload it. Your comments do not sound harsh at all (anyhow - many of my mistakes deserve harsh critic :o) ).

Thank you very much for your time and effort!