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Black 2 should be at R11. Kicking the stone (R15) is good only in high handicap games. White has more room to maneuver and so Black should restrain White as much as possible. A 2-space low pincer by Black is good for this.

White 5 is why Black 2 was not the best move.

Black 12 is a good move, but I would have played it at K3 to restrict White's base and force W to run into the center.

Black 6 should be at D10. At this point in the game Black should maintain the strategic advantage provided by the handicap stones. R16 is not a big move at this time and the left side of the board is open. White is behind, so W will not play at R6.

Black 8 should be at J3. Kicking at E3 just allows White wiggle room. The Black corner enclosure on the bottom right allows the pincer to be a powerful move.

Black 14 at L16 is too close to thickness. Play at C8 to prevent White from getting influence on the side. Side territory is easier to get than center territory and so it's better for Black to force White to work in the center. The point of Black getting handicap stones is to make things hard for White strategically as well as tactically.

Black 16 at H3 is wrong direction. Black's bottom left corner is weak, so better to play at C3, in exchange for White getting a base with a play at J3 or J2. Handicap stones allow Black to play defensively. White has to go on the offensive to overcome Black's strategic advantage with handi stones.

White 17 plays on vital point. Up to Black 26, Black gets the corner, but White gets a Black stone in exchange and the White group is no longer weak. Always pay attention to what your opponent is expected to gain from an exchange and decide whether you can live with it or not.

Black 30 should be at F17. Defending the corner and allowing White to get a base at the top is against the original intent of handicap stones; Black in a handicap game plays to keep the center strong, while allowing White to get corners and sides. With the result in the actual game, Black's control of the center is compromised as we will see later on in the game. 

Black 36 should be at C11. White does not have anything near N3 to make an invasion succeed, while White has the lower left side group that, while not entirely weak, can still be harassed. A Black play at C11 will make the Black side group stronger and increase territory.

White 37 is why Black 36 should have been at C11. With this move, White can now help its upper side group and a warikomi move at G17 is now not so attractive.

Black 38 is wrong direction. This move at J16 is a contact move that only serves to make White stronger. The G17 warikomi can still work, but Black will need to play at E16 first, especially since White has 2 strong groups close to the Black upper left corner one. However, the upper side White group is not very strong yet, so Black can push against this group starting at E16 to gain sente, then make a 2-space or 3-space jump into the center. 

Black 46 should be at E13, both to protect against the push at F15 and to push against the White group on the left side.

Black 52 at E10 is not very effective. One rule of thumb in baduk is to gain territory when it's not possible to successfully attack your opponent. White is too strong in that part of the board for a cutting move to work. Playing this move at H11 or J11 helps to create territory in the center.

Black 56 should be at N2. This way the hane at N4 will be effective.

Black 58 should be at R2. The contact play at Q2 gives White sente and allows W to get the corner.

Black 80 should be at L7 to build upon the thickness gained by Black in the previous 20 moves.

Black 92 should be at O12 to protect the center. The Black top right corner is big enough to survive, even with a ko.

Black 126 should be at K12 to kill the White group inside. Otherwise, the Black group in the center is dead.

Black 130 should be at J12. K13 and K12 then become miai to kill the White group inside the big Black snake. Give up the F11 and F12 Black stones to live. In the actual game, Black 130 created a cutting point that White exploited (with a forcing move) to live, thus killing the big Black snake.

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