Unusual joseki situation - three times in one day

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During the March 2015 KGS tournament, I ran into an unusual joseki situation three times in one day, twice in the same day. I could not find any discussion of this joseki variation in any of the usual resources: Takao Shinji's "The 21st Century Dictionary of Basic Joseki", Ishida's "DIctionary of Basic Joseki", "38 Basic Joseki", eidogo.com, or Sensei's Library. What I'm interested in here is not so much a game review, as a discussion of this joseki variation: How should you think about what White is trying to do in this situation? Is it a joseki mistake? If so, how do you punish it?
I have put both games in the SGF file.

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Thank you for your review. It dealt exactly with the questions I had, by showing what was happening, and how to think about the situation - by thinking about which groups are weak, and which are not, and therefore who should be attacking.
On a related note, I think this illustrates something about joseki which weaker players like myself may often miss: joseki variations discussed in most joseki books are considered joseki because they result in a somewhat even result. But there are many more deviations than can be discussed in the books; they aren't joseki because they don't lead to a good result. So we have to go back to principles, shapes, weak and strong groups in order to figure out how to play. We can't just look up the proper response in the book....