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My first thought was that I had messed up the opening so badly that a win was out of the question, and all through the game I felt like I was, for the most part, on the back foot. I basically got lucky with the larger of the two dead groups in the upper right. I didn't see the capture potential until late in the game. If not for that I would have lost I think.

I've been reading up on Direction of Play, at the suggestion of a stronger player who reviewed a game of mine, and while I'm still struggling with finding it, I think I'm getting the idea, so it would be helpful to discuss plays in that context. I certainly wasn't thinking about it when I was playing, but I'd like to know what it looks like when it goes right, and when it doesn't.

Thanks in advance

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Go Game Review lewisherman5 SgtSunshine

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Excellent review - I thought the video was very helpful. I confess I don't have much of an idea about the endgame, so your comments on the importance of the 2nd line will make a big difference I think. Also that peep and attach combo looks like it will be very useful. Lots to take on board here. Thank you for your time