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Hi Opera,

First of all I have to say that you played a nice game. I found more severe mistakes on your opponent's side but only pointed out the biggest ones due to my focussing on your moves.

The weakest part for you was on the upper area. After you made such a nice framework with 4 Black stones on the upper area it was just too easy for White to invade. You even had the chance to split two invading stones easily to attack both of them at the same time. This should either result in good profit or even being able to kill one of the groups and win early. Instead you played P17 (move 29) and let White connect so that the game became closer again.

Finally I think the game was decided in the end game stage. White played many slack moves so that you were able to take some big end game points in sente. I did not count but think that with good end game White should have been able to at least make a very close result.

I hope you consider this review helpful. Good luck with your next games!

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