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I was not sure what to do at the beginning. Also i am a caual player that wants to get better so any tips would be helpfull

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White won in this game, so there is not a lot to discuss.  It is usually better to receive comments on a close game or a loss because it is a test of the player's skill.  Here white attacked many times and black responded poorly allowing white to capture many black groups.

Despite this difference in skill, there are some basic principles that might help white improve even more.  In particular, white should think about the corners, then sides, then the center.  The top left corner was left open for a large part of the game, either player could have taken a bit spot there.

Secondly, it is better to attack from strength.  Several times, white makes unreasonable attacks.  Black responded poorly, but a stronger player would not.  White should build strength first before attacking.

I added some variations and some other comments in the game for both black and white players.

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