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In this game, my opponent reached the center and managed to control it, then he/she managed to destroy my groups bit by bit. What could be improved in my game to prevent an opponent to reach and control the center ? I feel that he/she built up its control of the center taking support of my moves but don't see how to change this ? More hanes, maybe ?

Many thanks in advance to the reviewer !

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Hi, nice game.

As a summary. try to look where your opponents stones are placed. when the majority is placed on the 3. line, then they want to take as much territory as possible. If they are placed on the 4. line, like in this game, then they want to go into the center in the mid game. These are early indicators that you can adjust your strategies fast

Also try to look which groups are in trouble and which groups are already pretty strong.

Throwing a stone against a strong group doesn't help much, throwing a stone at weak groups can be pretty strong.

also don't be too afraid of some cuts. Not every cut can hurt you.

Lastly: If you think you are ahed, then play save and be sure that you cannot be invaded easily, if you think you are behind, play more aggressive, since the worst thing that can happen is that you stay behind.

But anyways, nice game, I hope it helps a litte.

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