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Right up until the end, I was sure I was ahead. Turns out I won by 0.5 - and what an empty win: white basically gave it to me with his last couple of moves, which took away 2 of his points for no reason. Basically, I lost this game. Even though I thought I was winning! I was certain I was using my stones better, got a *little* worried with white's late-game reductions and when he killed a group when I got careless, but didn't realize the situation until I saw the score.

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Black takes a solid lead in the midgame, but loses the advantage due to missing the big plays in the endgame. The review attempts to emphasize awareness of the score, and focusing on the big plays throughout the game.

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Thanks, NoLemurs, for sharing this great review and elaborating all the critical parts of the game in such detail!