Playing badly (similar player as previous game)

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Alright this game is even worse than the previous one. This one he is 2 kyu above me - and I played this game earlier than the other game. And most importantly I lose at about 100 points (although the counting have some problem, suppose to be about 70 points I guess due to the top right corner unless I'm wrong). This is really sad to know my opponent's strength is overpowering. 

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Hi Wabinab,
Thanks for uploading your game to Go Academy. My name is Leo and I play as 2k on KGS. I will review this game and leave some comments and ideas how to improve your play.

After reviewing the game I would like to highlight two strategical aspects that I think you got wrong in this game:

  • In the opening you played almost all of your stones on the 3rd line while your opponent played on the 4th and even 5th line. That really limited you potential and would have forced you to play risky moves later in the game. Have a look at move 14 to find more details.
  • For long time you did not realize that your opponent had way more potential than you. Instead of building your own territory and playing defensive moves to make points you should have attacked aggressively. For more details look at moves 17, 44 and 54.

I hope you will like my analysis and I wish you good luck for your next games!

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Thanks Leo for the review. It really helped me a lot.