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this was a very peaceful game and I lost by 1.5 points. I am wondering what I could have done to shake things up and get more points. I know my invasion wasn't going to go anywhere.

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I think the game was already kind of unfair after the opening stage due to the fact that Black took the bigger side twice while White only took a small extension and played a move "inside his own territory". Anyway later there were changes to catch up. You should have been more aggressive in the upper right corner. Black made a bad connection at J10 so that you could have reduced his territory significantly. The invasion into Black's territory at the end was not easy at all. Anyway if you start with C11 it should be a bit more complicated. From my point of view there are two major aspects to learn from this game:

  • In the opening focus on the biggest part of the board. If there are two empty sides choose the bigger one and leave the other for your opponent.
  • In the end game do not focus on the center - you normally can't get many points there. Instead look at the sides. The big moves typically are on the 2nd and 1st line.

Good luck with your next games! Leo

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