OGS: Wabinab (23k) - AndrewTrost(19k)

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Alright this game was played quite well at first. Then at the middle where I could eat it, I didn't (for some reason I would not wanted to mention lol). But it's okay - I got something outta there. Except for eating that center at Move 189 (where I still have enough liberty to make it alive), are there any other weakness I've made? The opponent was quite strong. At the very end there I try to invade the lower right corner - I know it was insanity (from my previous game review) - but this time, I decide to take the insanity I had - because no matter what that is still the opponent's territory. So my opponent handle carelessly, I'll be able to eat the middle group there and continue surviving. Alas, I resign. And that marks the end of my game. Hope reviewer could give some comments on which part I could cut. Thanks to reviewer in advance. :)

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I think overall, white did not play badly. I think if white considers playing the "largest" area of the board in the beginning of the game, and also thinks about reading more (doing some tsumego), white will advance quite a bit.  It is important to think very carefully before cutting your opponent to see if the cut works for you or not.  Just think about a follow up and try to read ahead.  If it is wrong and the reading misses something, then you will learn a new move.  So, it is valuable experience to practice reading.

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