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Greetings.  This was one of my first 'faster' games.  Unfortunately my internet spoofed and I accidentally timeout-lost so we couldn't finish the game.  However, I noticed that I probably missed many opportunities in this game to take advantage of weaknesses in my opponent's position and strengthening my own.

My main questions are - how did my opening set up the problems I dealt with in the game and how could they be avoided?  I often will play to keep sente (I hate being in gote), but I think that becomes a weakness...how can I set my position up to be more stable where I can relax even in gote (like setting up miai moves where it doesn't matter what my opponent does).   Lastly, what do you think I should focus on studying and working on if I wanted to hit 1 dan by the end of the year?  

Thank you so much for taking the time to share your knowledge and wisdom!  It makes a huge difference for us weaker players!

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Hi Thomas,

Here is a review of your game. I hope you'll find some useful comments in there.

Generally speaking, you started with a pretty agressive opening, that happened to end rather badly for you.
My advices for you to improve are:

- Study standard patterns and shapes, through josekipedia.com or pro games reviews (do you now "Nick Sibicky" on youtube?)
- Mind your shapes. Some are ok for attacking, but not in defensive stance. Also ask yourself: "are my groups strong enough to attack?" "Do I have some emergency plan?"
- Focus on reading. Being agressive ask a lot of reading skills (making tsumegos really helps).
- When you're attacked, think "lezard", which are able to abandon their tail not to be catch ;-) I mean: focus on the main part of your group, care for the tail later.

I hope this will help you getting stronger than I am. ;-)
See you around!

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Awesome thank you so much for your quick and thorough reply.  I can't wait to review the game.  I'll give you more detailed feedback in a few days when I have time to look it over.  Thank you!

This review was very helpful.  It gave me clarity about what I need to work on (like shape, noticing bigness of moves, etc.)   I´m not sure where to put comments for my review of your review so I will put them here.  The review started off strong with you explaining all of your comments and offering alternatives.  It picks up again towards the end.  The reason I didn give it 5 stars was because there were a bit too many many vague comments with ¨what?¨ or ¨huh?¨ or ¨no¨ without suggestions for alternative moves that should have been taken.  This was a bit confusing for me at times not knowing what to make of those comments.  Sometimes the opponent´s moves appeared ok and I wasn´t sure what exactly was wrong with them.  Overall though - great review and very helpful.  Thank you!

Hey guys,

Thanks to tpmeli for uploading the game and even more thanks to Nedoren for reviewing it! I enjoyed the review. I totally agree that one of tpmeli's main challenges is to better keep his stones connected in a more solid way to avoid having too many weaknesse that can be exploitet by his opponents.

Yes big thanks to you reviewers and everyone for making this available to us weaker players!