OGS: TheKreligerMan (15k) - AndreaB(17k)

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There is something in the style of play of my opponent which somehow neutralizes my own. I can't really understand what this difference in style is, but I found it rather frustrating (apart from errors I made). I hope you can help me read these styles (mine and his).

And... Thank in advance :)



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Most of the problems are with the basics ( fundamentals ) -- basic shapes, basic tesujis, basic Life-and-Death.

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Thank for your review :)
I would have liked some more comments on my moves rather than my opponent's and maybe even some more explanations... But, hey, you did that just for the passion! I so appreciate it.

Thanks again

I almost forgot: I understand my most problems is with Life and Death. Thank for your hint :)

Hi Andrea,
You're welcome.
The first 8 comments or so are for Black.
You can also learn from the W comments. :)

I will :)))

I also went through the "Squeezing the toothpaste" item, it was a very precious hint.

Again, thanks a lot! :)

Just one question, if I can.

One of my worst move was 21, which you labelled as "Bad habit". Could you help me better understand what this habit is?

Hi Andrea, After B 21 and W 22, your 2 stones at o5 went from (a max. of) 6 libs down to 3 ( see existing notes at W 22 ). Please visit Sensei's Library and look up "Hane at the Head of Two Stones" The link is here: http://senseis.xmp.net/?HaneAtTheHeadOfTwoStones It's a proverb, so it's only a guideline -- it's not always correct. There are exceptions (example: the Avalanche josekis). But it gives us a guideline to be aware of the basic shape. Your move 21 at o5 ends up bumping against W's strong stones -- hitting your own head against W. This is the general idea, and an example, of the kind of basic shapes to avoid. :)

<bow> :)