OGS: seminyoon1 (15k) - jonryuga(16k): a close battle

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I really appreciated this game, but i made a lot of small (and big probably) mistakes that kept me away from a reachable victory. I think especially of move 211 wich I should played R5 I think, but I'd really like some insight on these mistakes.
Thank you a lot to whover help me improving by reviewing this game!

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Hi jonryuga,
Thanks for uploading your game to Go Academy. My name is Leo and I play as 1k on KGS. I reviewed this game and left some comments and ideas how to improve your play. As mentioned in the video there are two things I'd like to stress:

  • Try to avoid "unnecessary" moves. You played several moves which did not have any positive effect (like connect groups that already are connected or capturing your opponents stones that already were captured) - in the video I show several examples.
  • Do not play hane (or double hane) without checking the 1 or 2 atari sequences your opponent will be able to play. Only after reading them out and being sure that they do not lead to a good result for your opponent you should play hane. Again I show several examples where you did that wrong in the video.

I hope you will like my analysis and I wish you good luck for your next games!

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www.go-academy.org - seminyoon1 (15k) vs. jonryuga (16k) - a close battle reviewed by Leo (1k)

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Thank you for you review, I will try to improve on the point that stood out :)

I will now pass sometime to study your variations, that will probably help me a lot, thank you again.