OGS: rsk (14k) - xLaco554(20k)

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Even though I did prevail, I am not so certain I played my opening very well.  I see I should have used a net in the long black extension.

Also, I wonder after I made life what I should have focused on.  Was my move at B3 really the right thnig to do.

Thank you for your time.

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Hi rsk,
Thanks for uploading your game to GoAcademy. My name is Leo. I play as 2 kyu on KGS (Oel).

In this game you cut your opponent with move 12. But unfortunately the cut should not have worked and you should have lost the game as a result. Luckily you opponent made some mistakes (moves 23, 25) and allowed White to live at the top.
Afterwards White played well at the bottom - captured Black's isolated stones and made enough points to win the game. Well done!

I hope you will like my anlaysis. Feel free to leave comments or questions.
Good luck with your next games!

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