OGS: Nami Heartfilia (17k) - Cassius(17k)

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Nami Heartfilia
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Weaknesses? Do I have to work on my opening? or invasion? counter?

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First, congratulations for your victory. :-)

I had a look at the previous game I reviewed for you, and there is indeed progress. You stopped following your opponent moves, it's good.

Now you need to focus on reading (making life and death problems, ladder exercises, etc.), it would help you in the fights, and avoid the bad result you had on the lower left. Also, it will help you to know if a group is alive or not yet, and so if you need to add a move or if you can take sente.

I spotted two slow moves, that looked nice but where not very efficient. I suggest you take some other of your games, and try to find such moves, in order to remove them from your play.

See you!

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