OGS: Nami Heartfilia (16k) - Cool1 ♨️(16k)

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Nami Heartfilia
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Cool1 ♨️
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Hello! I reviewed a game of yours a few months ago. This was a good game, and you've certianly gotten stronger. Your direction of play and, for lack of a better term, fighting spirit can use some work. Since you and your opponent were of similar strength a lot of the glaring problems were glossed over, such as just how important black's framework was becoming. You got to it first and as such won the game, but it was the focal point of this entire match and should have been decided sooner. Other than that your moves on a local sense felt timid to me, hence the fighting spirit. A lot of your moves ended up being half measures between two ideas, and that is never a good sign.

While going through this game look at the sort of shapes your are making, and whether or not you, as a player, could take advantage of them. If you can then try and find a better move.

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