OGS - My second play in a 19x19 board

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Nami Heartfilia
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Hello. This is my second time playing against a person in a 19x19 board. (i've only played against cosumi with 9 handicap.) I wanna know the things I have to work on... ^^'' If you don't mind?

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Here are some comment, I hope they will be useful.

Some general tips:

- Don't attach to your opponent stones, unless you need to (usually to defend, capture or make shape).

- Keep an eye on the whole board, prevent your opponent to get too much. (not sure of my syntax here...)

- Don't follow your opponent, take time to breath and evaluate wheter your stones are in danger or not before playing.
  Myungwan Kim (9p) call this "Puppy dog play": wherever the master goes, the puppy dog follows. ;-)

- Practice life and death problems (tsumego) to train your reading ability.

And... keep playing! :-)

See you around.

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Thank you very much for the tips XD. I learned many things in this review. I always play in smaller boards (9x9 mostly) so I just played like how I always do. (Now off to practice I go~)