OGS: laercioskt (8k) - mkei(11k)

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You played Kobayashi opening but White directly invaded and lived inside your framework. This was a really bad basis for the rest of your game. I recommend you to have a look at my variation and check the idea of letting white live small in your area while getting great influence towards the center.

Afterwards you played a slow move on the right side (S7) and White was able to take initiative on the top. You found a way to invade and take the upper left corner and found a good move to reduce your opponent's area (move 81). This was good reading and good intuition respectively!

After few more slack moves White made you live very small in the center and got good strength. Even though you won the fight on the bottom (good reading again) you were not able to save the left side and the game ended as White was too far ahead after killing your left side group.

After seeing only this one game I could image that you need to get a better understanding for the value of influence. It might be that you sometimes tend to play too small moves (extend instead of jump, 1 space instead of 2 space jump etc.) allowing your opponent to play just faster than you and get a favorable position on many areas of the board.

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ty for the review, really appreciated it. Know many mistakes already but there are many ideas for me to get better ;)
ty so much