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This is an OGS correspondence ladder game. Any feedback welcome, specifically the opening and early middle game as I feel this is where the game was lost. Thanks in advance.

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I'm romain on KGS, level around 1 kyu.

As you suggested, I will focus on the beginning of the game and give some alternatives to your move and why I think it's better. Of course, it may prove wrong at higher level, but generally it will still be way better than your actual moves. I know you were white, I'll focus on white moves but also provide insights about black move if I have some.

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Thanks for the great review, Romain! Even though I am a bit stronger than RedSandman it was really interesting for me to follow your comments and variations. You explained very helpful strategical guidelines and explained them very well! Hope this wasn't your last review. :)

Thanks for the review, especially the suggested variations. I will take on board your comments and apply them in future games. Again many thanks.