OGS: FlorencioMenta (23K) - Emeldor(25k)

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I'm pretty sure I made the mistakes that cost me the game in the first phase of the game so I would like to hear some pointers one that. That being said I'm more or less a noob and would appreciate an opinion on most of the game.

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Hi Emeldor,
my name is Leo and I play as 3k - 1d on KGS (still trying to establish as 1k). Thanks for uploading your game to go-academy.org. I am happy that you found our little platform. I will leave my comments and ideas in your game and create some variations. As you are at the very beginning of your go career I will not go into too much details, though.

There are three important things to learn from this review:

  1. Try to keep your stones connected. See move 8.
  2. Learn how to capture stones with a leddar - move 45.
  3. Learn how to capture a stone on the 2nd line. See variation of move 36.

I believe that these three things are very important fundamentals for you to learn. They will help you to quickly get stronger and win some games at your level. 

I hope that you like the review and get some new ideas. Good luck for your next games!

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Thanks a lot! Great commentary which helped me get a better grasp on my mistakes and how to fix them!