OGS: Eric Han (25k) - Wabinab(23k)

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Eric Han
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This is quite a game there - as opponent and I made a lot of mistakes moves, and we only focused on one thing (not to make empty triangle). Other than that - our shapes are not thick and secure enough, I think. I think that's all I could think of. Thanks to reviewer in advance. 

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The problem with the shapes is that when they are secure you defend them and when they aren't, you don't. In this game it was more a case of the first. Both players played overconcentrated and too solid but White more so than Black. 

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Thanks EdIV for the great review. Great tips you've given for my future game openings which to be honest I never knew about them (because I didn't really learn Go before I play). Thanks for the review and the tips. It helps a lot. :)