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Nami Heartfilia
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Admittedly, this is the third time I played against an online player, not a bot. I didn't play for days so this is the first game I had since I disappeared from the net. I want to know if I improved or not, whether I chose my moves well. Tell me what things I have to work on ^^.

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So whether you've improved or not I couldn't say, since I haven't seen your previous games. There are a lot of problems here, but that's what double digit kyu's do. As far as what to work on, All that you need to know can be learned from tsumego. Get to the point where you know basic shapes and simple joseki, then build upon that.

I hope this review is still of some use to you, seeing as how this game was more than a month old.

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It's no problem, if you have a newer game I'd be happy to review and go more in depth for you.