OGS: dclym (11k) - Sandpiper(22k)

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This is my first request for a review on this site - Once I get used to how it works, I hope to make full use of it! This game was one of my first 20 and I felt quite bruised afterwards - I could have played better, I'm sure. Thanks.

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if this was Your begginer game on 13x13, then opening was nice, tho most of what You had was lost cause of reading ability,

I commented most of mistakes You made, at some point its good to play more of 9x9 and/or 13x13. A lot of experience You can gain by playing games, just don't play fast ones, think in game and use ur time.

Only advice I can give You (non related to playing), to read "Shape Up" series, its free around internet and You can gain a lot by reading just it, especially in terms of shape.

After reading it and then playin (some games) You should jump to around 10k or something around it, especially if u catch what is the meaning of shapes, just dont get to attached to them, everything gots it timing

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