OGS: any77 (20k) - Wabinab(23k)

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This is quite a game. I did quite well at the beginning, I assume - but I didn't build thick enough at the bottom left and the center was empty. This results in an unexpected attack from the middle of my territory - which I have never encounter this kind of reply, and results in they joining together to became an alive group, not only removing my territory but also increasing his/her territory - and finally it was a big difference in points. I am not sure where did I did wrong - either on defense? or the wall is not thick enough? 

Thank you to reviewer in advance. 

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www.go-academy.org - any77 (20k) vs. Wabinab (23k) reviewed by Oel (2k)

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Thanks to Leo for reviewing my game, once again. I really like you pointed out my weak points such as Move 23 (which my intention is to somehow break the eye and connection but failed), and pointed out E10 as a flaw for it (although I got that risky idea from a 4-dan bot by AI Factory without thinking how weak are the 2 groups are and the consequences during my play), together with the endgame join at B5 was a careless mistake. Thank you once again. 

Oh but I've got a question to ask: At move 26 if my opponent plays at J10 - would it be better? Because if he/she plays J10, I would be force to connect at G10, I think - and he/she can plays at J12 to cut me. I think I couldn't play J12 if my opponent plays J10 because my whole group is severely attack. Is it right? (Sorry I forgot to mention at the beginning). 

Hey Wabinab, thanks for your feedback. Check the sgf file. I added some more variation after move 25. I hope that this somehow answers your question. Actually some of the variations that might follow are pretty complicated. Hence I would not be surprised if I missed some good moves for both players.

I don't know what I'm thanking u for yet

Thanks Leo for the variation. Yes it helps a lot because I didn't see that A is an atari - instead I spot it as the last liberty I had, which I don't know why. But anyway, thanks again Leo for the great review.