OGS 19x19 20 Min Byo-Yomi 5min/15

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You showed great fighting spirit throughout the game and finally won the game by successfull fighting. Anyway I think you played a bit too aggressive (overplays) in some situations:

- After move 9 your group at the top was really weak and you should have continued to play there before starting a new situation.
- The same happened after move 19. It was the time to defend one of your weak groups but instead you decided to put pressure on your opponent's group.
- Moves 32 and 38 were the next overplays. You were able to capture some of Black's stones but your big group on the top right was in a really bad situation afterwards.
- And the it happened again at move 102.

This game you were able to deal with all the critical situations. But I assume that you will have a hard life with this style of play against stronger opponents. Anyway you have good fighting (and reading) skills and this really key to become stronger. I am sure you will be able to become stronger quickly.

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Glad to hear someone stating the facts of the game. It was too aggressive. My team from assignment writing help canada actually played better and at 9move they were incredible. Thanks for showing the fighting spirit though. It was a good game.

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What a game it was, I must say, this game is amazing I was very tired from my CV making services UAE work but when I played this game so, I got relaxed. So I would like to play this again and again.

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