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You played very well most of the time. I have not found any wrong patterns or general misunderstandings. In the beginning you played some slack (slow/small) moves like moves 18, 20, 24, 38 and therefore missed the chance get an advantage during the opening.
Move 68 was your most serious mistake. You misread the fight on the left side and lost a good chance to get a very good result by capturing two Black groups leading to an easy game (I am sure you can easily read out the variation now, don't you?).
But you found a way to get some compensation on the lower side with your invasion starting with move 80. It was a bit too aggressive but you were able to read the situation better than your opponent and got a good result there.
Afterwards the second big mistake came with move 98. You tried to reduce your opponents territory at the top while your own group at the top was very weak. If your opponent had split your two groups I don't think it was possible to save both. But he didn't and as a result you were able to turned the game and won. Well done.

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