OGS 13k vs 11k

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I want an overall review

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Thanks for wanting to improve your go game!  I hope this review helps.

Reviewed by Thomas Meli (at ~8k)

See video at:
for fuller commentary

Main points of improvement: (See video for elaborations and variation explanations)

* Play away from thickness, your own and your opponents.
* Learn sabaki and how to sacrifice stones for profit.
* Don't use the 'bump' joseki if you don't have a friendly stone nearby.
* Learn to profit from attacking and pay attention to which direction to attack from.
* White made some serious mistakes here too that black could have profitted from... learn those (tesuji and good shape).
* Respond to urgent moves.
* Play in the 'interesting' areas of the board.

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Review of JP721 at 13k

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