My most important game ever played (as of now)

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Ok, I know this is insane. But since it is a result from a tournament, I guess it's not that insane. I resigned in the end (which is as predicted). However, I would like to have an explanation on the great moves from the opponent as a countermeasure to my moves. Thanks in advance to reviewer reviewing this game. 

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Hi Wabinab,
Thanks for uploading your game to Go Academy. My name is Leo and I play as 2k on KGS. I will review this game and leave some comments and ideas how to improve your play.

  • Again you played many low (3rd line) moves in the opening. This lead to a situation that is similiar to the last game I analyzed ("Playing badly") where your opponent had a lot of potential while your stones were low and not able to make a lot of territory. Please have a look at move 19 to find more details.
  • And you missed to play the last big point in the opening. In my perception this changed the game situation from a "slightly better for Black" to "really good for Black". Please have a look at moves 19 and 21.
  • Finally there are two sequences that catched my attention. Moves 25-30 and moves 36-39 look a quite similar. And both sequences lead to results that were totally good for your opponent. 

To me it seems that you're technically pretty good -  way better than 19k! If you focus a bit more on strategical aspects (think in formations and sequences and evaluate whether the result will facour you or your opponent) you will make a huge step.

I hope you will like my analysis and I wish you good luck for your next games!

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Hi Leo. Thanks for the review. I admit some moves such as Move 85 to consume my 4 stones was something that I didn't noticed. However, at Move 41 you started a 4 variations (excluding the main game stream I've played), for your third variation, could I ask for an explanation? I always seen this move (i.e. Move 47 to Move and 48, which is played at S17 and S18 respectively), but I never know why would white (in this case) wants to throw in a stone at S16 for the opponent. Thanks in advance, and thanks again for the great review. :D

Hi Wabinab,

Thanks for your feedback and for the question. I added more comments and some more variations. Does that help?

Hi Leo. 

Thanks for the quick response. Yes it definitely helped me understand the situation at detailed. I still have one more question. Also starting from Move 41, but for the last variation (which you mentioned as cross-cut). Is it a good way to play? It is complicated, but White seems to have a very small chance of living if White doesn't know how to continue from there... is it possible for you to show me some ideas? Thanks in advance. 

I updated the file once more and provided some more background. But I do not recommend you to spend too much effort into this specific topic. As said before I think your technical skills are pretty good anyway and I would rather spend some time thinking about the strategical aspects I mentioned.

Alright thanks Leo for the help. Really appreciate it. :) I'll think over your recommendations. :)