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Looking for things I could improve on, especially in the opening. The ending moves may be unusual because the opponent tried to mark my live stones as dead to win the game when we both passed in consecutive moves. Thank you!

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Seems to me that black may not really have understood how to play yet.  You might be better off finding some other opponents.  It is always better to post a loss to learn and for someone to comment.  Posting a winning game does not usually help you improve.

There were a lot of strange moves by both white and black, but certainly black could have won this game early on and white was at a disadvantage.  In the end Black lost by playing quite strange moves and white was able to take advantage.  Some moves were incredibly strange such as filling in own eye space from black and allowing white to capture.  

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I like to play games and make them. I have spent the last four years building my first game. And like any newbie game developer, it's been a learning experience. Here you can get 먹튀신고 to learn more new things about games. My First Game is finally coming out this month and I want to share with you why I decided to make this game, what goes through my mind when I was thinking of making it, some of my favorite games that inspired me, and most importantly!