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Officially, I 'won' this game due to a careless mistake by White at the end. But one look and anyone would realise that this game was a disaster for Black (me) so it is a loss to me. 

To begin with, I think I made a big misplay in the top left at the start and felt like it would be hard to recover after that. After White played R10, I had no idea where the best place to play would be in terms of direction. White's moyo on the left was a constant distraction and I didn't really feel like there was anything I could really attack during the remainder of the game. I am fairly weak at making (and retaining) territory so without something to attack, I wasn't sure where the appropriate places to play were so any help with that would be appreciated. 

Were there any chances to turn the game around, or was I hopelessly behind all the way? Or is it a case of me overplaying because I thought I was behind after the top left mistake?


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Hi KanziApple,
Thanks for uploading your game to go-academy.org! My name is Leo and I play as 2k on KGS. 

First of all I really hope that you do not totally dislike my review due to the fact that my evaluation of the game is quite different to yours:
"one look and anyone would realise that this game was a disaster for Black" - Actually I can't agree with this. Both players made some mistakes (even big ones that I am able to spot ;) but I really don't think that the game was a too bad for you. White's mistake at the end allowed you to capture 7 stones. But the final score was +14.5 so actually the game was still very close at this time. 
"I made a big misplay in the top left" - Maybe the result was slightly better for Black. But again I don't see a big mistake. Actually to me the result looked quite okay for White as well.

Having said that I will now go through your game and leave comments and variations to provide you with some ideas how to improve your game. There is one thing that appeared multiple times hence I would like to stress that here: You (and your opponent) made many questionable small exchanges which only helped the other player. I think it would really help you to get stronger to train to avoid these sequences. Examples are: move 45, move 62, move 113, move 115.

I hope you will enjoy the review. Good luck for your next games!

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Hi Leo,

Thanks a lot for taking the time to do the review - it was really helpful! The variation that you gave in the top left was the one that I was wanting to play, but screwed it up a little by reversing the sequence. I do like the simpler and more effective moves like P17 and R12 that you showed, so there are quite a few things to work on for future games such as josekis, good shape and avoiding meaningless exchanges which will be enough to occupy me for some time :)