lswest vs XOOXXXOOX

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Overall, I'm pretty happy with the game I played (for my level at least) and the result. However, I'm open to any improvements in my opening (for opponents who decide to stay in one corner), and any advice you might have for killing the group in the center that managed to live.

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Good game.

You gave a good advise at the end.

What I think you should work on are: 1. Corners 2. Sides 3. Middle

try to secure the corners right, don't only play on 5. 6. line, every player will invadeĀ  there.

Try to look where the biggest sides are and play there first. it will skyrocket your points

And keep your cool when someone invades. First find out where they are going to go, second find out where they want to live 3. close their doors to make live.

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