Long slow game by ddk players

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The opening of this game looked very good. In fact I was suprised that a game 14k vs. 15k shows that many proper moves. There were some mistakes with regard to direction of play though which you should check.

Later White made a big technical mistake jumping to C8 instead of just extending and this way produced a critical weakness which made it too easy for Black to successfully invade.

Next Black made a strategical mistake invading at D12 while his group at E16 was still weak. This allowed White to split the groups and easily kill one of them while keeping up the pressure on the other one.

In the center fight White tried to attach and kill Black's group with L10. This often does not work. You should try to surround your opponent's big group instead.

White reduced Black's territory on the lower right in a nice way but missed to give the finishing blow with Q3. Instead Black got some profit on the lower left due to an easy reading mistake and finally the game ended suprisingly even though there still were some possibilities and Black should at least have tried to still win the game.

In summary I would say that the opening was very nice. There were some strategical mistakes but that's absolutely okay at this level. The next big step from my point of view would be to spend some time on technical details like how to make the solid connection and how to cut effectively.

I hope you get some ideas from my review. Keep playing and good luck with your next games!

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@Oel: You might better not call this opening "1-3-5", because many oppenings consist of the first three black moves. Better call it "orthodox" or "classical".