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Disappointing game for me. I felt ahead through the opening and made a large mistake on the bottom to lose part of a group. I think this cost me the game. I'm sure there are lots of mistakes though.

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You played a nice game with some very good moves. I was positively surprised by your probe at S16 and I really liked the attack on the lower left side starting with H2 (move 34).

Unfortunately you were not able to continue the attack very well and take good profit. As a result your opponent got quite good territory on the bottom. Besides that I found some slack moves which from my perspective made you loose the game.
The clearest example is D15 (move 70). This move did not give you anything. Before F10 (move 60) was a purely defensive move. But the game was not good enough to only defend and win.
Afterwards The attack starting with H10 is another example. The moves were not aggressive so it was too easy for your opponent to connect to a strong group and take nice influence.

I would suggest to focus on two aspects when you review your game(s):
1) Check if a move might be too passive
2) Before deciding to attack your opponents group make sure that there is a clear benefit to gain from that attack. If you can not clearly get good result (either killl your opponents group, get good influence or make points while attacking) it might be better to keep the weakness for later.

Good luck with your next games!

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Thank you for the review. I agree that move 70 was by far my weakest move in the game. I still remember what I was thinking, but it seems silly now.

Excellent review. Thanks again.

Thanks for your feedback! Just try to avoid passive moves like these and I am sure you will play even better games in the future. Good luck!